12 April 2014 (leave a comment)

mango tea from a fancy tea shop (totally didn't buy it for the bottle)

i changed my layout again yasss. i'm not completely satisfied with it and there's something bothering me but i'm not really sure what? help me i have no sense of design

yesterday was our last day of school before the long-awaited easter holidays so we didn't do much of anything at all. basically we had a boring ass easter service in the cathedral, watched some divorce court videos in legal studies (dies laughing my teacher found some really weird stuff on the previous teacher's laptop and apparently there's at least twenty of these divorce videos and heaps of conspiracy videos) and did the thing with the basix website in maths which was surprisingly fun.

in other news, i started watching brooklyn nine nine last week and managed to finish a whole season in four days. not sure if proud or worried. ಠ___ಠ anyway, i'll probably try to catch up on hannibal and teen wolf over the holidays so yay. i'm not really excited about teen wolf though, it was a such a great show but then they started killing all my babies.

[angrily sips tea]

(no, i will never get over erica's death) (or boyd's) (or allison's) (or my world my heart my soul daniel sharman leaving)

p.s. under normal circumstances the last two paragraphs? lines? would end up in the labels but blogger is a piece of shit and deems them too long. so there.
p.s.s. aspyr just released simcity 4! yes that's right. simcity. for mac. US$20. an actual simcity game with a humane price. for mac. CAN YOU SMELL MY HAPPINESS??!?!?!?!?

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